Defending Our Lesbian Lives and History from Male Erasure

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Sonia Johnson and Why Lesbians Should Stop Worshipping Women Who Hate Us

             Sonia Johnson and Why Lesbians Should Stop

                        Worshipping Women Who Hate Us

                                                                 Bev Jo

Friends have asked why I bothered writing about Sonia Johnson, and the reason is that she is a perfect example of a Lesbian-hating woman who got into a power position in our Radical Lesbian Feminist community. She is still influential, but, more importantly, she follows a pattern that we need to recognize for our own safety, as individuals and communities. I want us to be prepared to recognize how and why such women hate us, and what we can do about it.

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Lesbians: “Born this Way” or a Making a Choice of Pride?


“Born this Way” or a Making a Choice of Pride?

                                          Bev Jo

Both. Of course loving other females feels natural to us because it is. And of course we are naturally born to love our own kind passionately. Almost all women felt that love and attraction as girls for other girls. But those in power, including girls’ mothers and other women, try their hardest to stamp out and trivialize these “crushes.” I didn’t keep quiet about how much I loved a girl and my mother said “You’re in love with that girl!” She didn’t discourage me, but other women noticed and said “She has it bad.” And my 16 year old cousin told my mother to keep the older girl I was in love with away from me. (So never tell us that girls didn’t know about Lesbians when we were growing up. That was 1962.)

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“Transgender” Simplified by Bev Jo

“Transgender” Simplified

Bev Jo

Did we ever think we would be in Lesbian communities where heterosexual men have succeeded in getting Lesbians to name-call and even physically attack other Lesbians for saying “no” to the men?

I want to support women who feel alone and isolated even among friends and in women’s community because they can’t bring themselves to go against their common sense and agree to obey the bizarre rules expected of all women (especially Lesbians), in order to be “respectful” of the female-hating trans cult that is now parasitizing Lesbian/women’s communities. The men who demand sexual and other access to us against our will talk about suicides among “transgender people” to shame and guilt trip us, as if it’s our responsibility. But what about the women who kill themselves because of trans bullying and assault? What about the women these men have murdered? Those stories are ignored or outright censored:

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Slander (is the weapon of cowards)

(is the weapon of cowards)

Bev Jo

I’ve seen some bizarre speculations about me online where I can’t answer, so I’d like to say, instead of slandering me, why not just ask me if something you’re read or heard is true?

Lying is one of the most powerful as well as easiest and laziest ways to destroy individual women and Lesbian and Feminist communities and movements.

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The Mystery of Classism, Part II,

                      The Mystery of Classism

                                                   Part II

                                                   Bev Jo

(Part I:

Class is about survival – about whether we have a place to live or are homeless, have health care or don’t, have enough food to survive, have safety (as much is possible in patriarchy, but those with more money can be immeasurably safer than those who are class-oppressed), have peace of mind versus a lifetime of stress and worry, and, literally, about who will live and who will die. It’s about how much opportunity to be able to do what we want and not just what we need, and have access to what makes life worth living. Class is also about being treated as an equal or superior.

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Doctors Are Not God

  Bev Jo

I am dedicating this to my best friend, who has inspired women with her choices in  dealing with cancer. She had three unrelated cancers, starting in 1993,  for which she had surgery but said no to chemo-poison and radiation, mammograms and scans. She is now 75 (in 2017). We have more choices than we are led to believe.

I decided to write this because it was heart-breaking to see so many women I know suffer and die after following what most doctors recommend for dealing with cancer. Many women said they did not want to do it, but felt trapped. Some women even believe they have to obey the doctors to get any help at all. Continue reading

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The Opioid “Crisis” or Business As Usual

The Opioid “Crisis”
Business As Usual

Bev Jo

This is dedicated to everyone who is suffering and those who have committed suicide from has being denied pain relief, and the few caring doctors who are being punished for helping people with pain.

The people with the power to stop deaths from opioids are making decisions that will kill more people, while bombarding the media with misleading propaganda.

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Support Women’s Health, Not the Chemical Industry

Bev Jo

I want an end to patriarchy and all oppression. But sometimes, I just want to smell clean air. Well, not really clean air, which is impossible, but air that doesn’t stink. That shouldn’t be too much to ask, should it?
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Lesbianism Is Revolution by Bev Jo

Lesbianism Is Revolution

Bev Jo

When I found the Lesbian Feminist community in 1970, I felt I’d come home. I had been searching my entire life, from my earliest memories of loving other girls and fantasizing about being in a community with other girls, where we would love and protect each other. Even though I knew my feelings made me “queer,” loving my own kind felt too perfect for anything to be wrong with it. (“Queer” was a terrifying slur in the Fifties, which we reclaimed in the Seventies as a way to confront heterosexism, but decades later it has become the trendy genderqueer term that applies to anyone, including those who oppress and erase us by appropriating Lesbian and gay male culture).

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